opened cupboard with kitchenware inside

“Structured Aesthetics is the way to go! Melanie was so professional, knowledgeable, and creative! I did not feel forced to change anything about my home… she truly listened to me. What a luxury it was to work with Structured Aesthetics!” – James & Brynn

“Structured Aesthetics was able to come in and help me to rethink how I’m using the space in my kitchen and pantry. Melanie was able to identify hidden spaces I hadn’t ever thought of using. Not only would I recommend using Structured Aesthetics, but I plan to be a frequent customer as a tackle other areas of our house.” – Emily

“Between our busy work lives and running a household of five, we were overwhelmed by the moving process before Structured Aesthetics helped us organize and streamline the process.  They literally thought of everything! We were able to maintain our lifestyle while our belongings were neatly packed away (and unpacked!)  Structured Aesthetics definitely saved our lives …and our sanity… during our move!” – Chris & Shannon

“Structured Aesthetics was exactly what I needed! Melanie was so professional, timely and easy to work with in a way that was effective for me.  Structured Aesthetics helped me get through an overcrowded couple of (wardrobe) closets with ease and precise organization, consigning what we could, and donating the rest. My clothes, shoes and handbags now all have a place and I actually can see what I have with ease!  She even helped me put money back in my pocket by successfully working with her contacts to consign popular and higher ticket items.


Melanie also whipped our kid’s playroom from chaos to a beautifully organized room with labeled bins, buckets and containers for all their toys and games.  There was even room left over to add more later!  I have recommended Structured Aesthetics to all of my friends and contacts for all of their organization needs!   – GK